First Day

Very strange. Very, very strange.

I can still smell the death and fire in the air. It’s heavy, and it’s done well to quell any hunger I should probably be feeling. We piled the bodies up in the center of town. I wish we could give each one a proper burial, or at least a proper pyre, but we lack the time and safety for either.

Approximately eleven hours earlier, I was at school. Now I’m in the woods, in a ravaged village, and I have some sort of plant on me that has completely taken over my right arm, up to the elbow. That bothers me the most, actually, out of all the things in this fairy tale world. How normal it feels…

My first hours here are a blur. I swear I remember there being many more people with us. Lady Blake, Ashley, Zack, the others. Basically everyone I play D&D with. They’ve disappeared without a trace. I scanned the ruins for their corpses and found nothing. Then again, the redcaps were very surgical, and so they could just be lost in the blood. Even if they were killed, maybe that just means they’re free.

I’m getting off-topic. The point of this journal is to detail, not to vent. Who ever is reading this, I apologize.

As I said earlier, I was pulled into this world approximately eleven hours ago. It is now nighttime. According to my phone, the time is 1:20. Within those eleven hours, I have encountered a number of my friends from the real world. We all seem to be very fortunate for being alive so far, and we seem to be capable of fending for ourselves, so long as we work together.

Off-topic again.

Eleven hours ago I met Brandon, Warren, Daniel Priest, and Clifford in a blacksmith’s shop. While I was there, one of my magic cards, the Gilt-Leaf Archdruid, began to grow vines and encompass my arm. Clifford was kind enough to get me a robe with gloves, so I both blend in and hide my new hand. On a hunch, I checked to see if there had been some sort of magic effect on me. There had been. Magic seems chaotic, the energies of the world rarely doing what you wish. Every spell I tried to cast backfired in one way or another.

Soon we were thrown to another location. I don’t distinctly remember how it happened, unfortunately. On the bright side, we were sent into a village and encountered more of our friends. The only ones left of those are Daniel Katz and Patrick. Everyone else has seemed to vanish.

We all decided to stay in town for the night, with me and Patrick keeping watch. Thank God someone was, because the village was assaulted by a wave of those redcaps I mentioned. They were very slow and methodical. After alerting everyone to the danger, Remy (now missing) and I left town. No one else seemed to follow, however.

I attempted to get in touch with the energies of the world to learn more about my new power. Cats. There were cats everywhere. So many cats. We led them back to the town, where nearly everyone was dead or dying, except for my friends (holed up in the Inn) and the redcaps. These…these cats swarmed the redcaps. They were extremely effective, if self-destructive. Luckily, I managed to heal them all, so no cats died.

Looking in the Inn I see a pentagram on the ground. At that I decide to sleep outside with a cat in tow. I think I’m gonna name him…I’ll brainstorm later.

That’s everything up to now.

If tomorrow’s calm, I’m gonna hand off my notebook to some other people. Getting a journal started will help us stay level-headed when the world throws…God knows what at us.


Awesome entry!
Shall I add mine to the collection?
My thoughts are rather…

First Day

I’m trying to keep this an IC thing, so I’ll hand the notebook to you IC.

First Day

Do I wait for that to happen then? Or can I assume it already happened?

First Day

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