Notes on the Unknown: Day 1

Found myself in an alien land, seemingly based on Europe. Upon analysis, the immediate world is derived from the myths of the “Grimm Fairytales”, as supported by the ogres calling for “Grimm Folk”. Whether they were refering to myself and my friends or the local inhabitants is up to speculation. The transition to the “Grimm World” seems to have altered myself, my companions and our equipment.

I have become aware of the ambient energies, or “magic”, that exists here. I theorize that, due to the abstract nature of this world, the majority of the unseen mechanics are left unknown, and therefore unquantified. Due to my awareness, I am able to mildly influence the “flow” of these energies. My first success was directing the energy that is produced and used by living things to maintain their perceived selves into an injured friend to reinforce his corporeal form. Upon doing so, the result was a burst of painful, yet effective, regeneration.

Further experimentation revealed that adjusting the amount of this “Positive” energy results in a relative amount of healing, although large bursts are more unstable than small, controlled application. This use of my abilities seems to follow similar laws as elector-thermal dynamics: as I lower my “resistance” I become conductive to the energies and, by adjusting it further, I can redirect it.

Note: Can I lower another’s resistance?

Prolonged channeling seems to build up “corrosion”, which limits my conductivity…
but my personal quantum field seems to purge this obstruction over time.



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